Our Company Social Responsibility and Management
 Jul 20, 2022|View:1773

“Integrity” has been the Qinglong’s company creed since its establishment.The concept of CSR, which shares the same basic philosophy as the company creed of “Integrity,” has always governed the Company’s company management and business operations since its foundation.

For we fulfill our company social responsibilities, Qinglong sincerely wishes to be a company citizen that is relied on and loved by our various stakeholders. It seeks to do this by maintaining the consistent spirit of doing business for society and people based on our company creed of “Integrity.”

Society is currently experiencing significant changes. With the industrial revolution being brought about by the internet , advent of the automated driving era, development and expanded use of AI and many other advances, we feel that the innovations that fundamentally change our way of life are progressing at a pace that far exceeds anything that we anticipated. New players are also appearing one after another to respond to those changes and competition is becoming increasingly intense.

To realize our company vision “to make contributions for future society through acoustics,” we must continue to uphold the basic philosophy of “Integrity” . We will continue to actively promote human resource employment worldwide and diversity to cultivate truly global and sophisticated human resources. In addition, by further promoting “work-style reform,” we would like to create an environment where more employees can work flexibly and freely to achieve the goal of “Be Happy ”.In addition, Qinglong will continue to maintain compliance and promote environmental activities as part of our CSR activities, to ensure thorough quality control and risk management, and conduct our business operations based on the values of discipline, responsibility and social contribution.

     Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)



Qinglong has established company policies base on  the “United Nations Global Compact” to represent our commitment to CSR activities.We have also introduced it across the company to clearly describe “Principles & Values,” instill the concept of our company philosophy in our employees, and strengthen the foundation of the corporation for future generations.We will celebrate our 30th business anniversary next year. We will continue to strive to become an enterprise that is loved by society and that offers satisfaction for its various stakeholders.


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