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Changzhou Qinglong Electronic Components Co.,Ltd is founded in May,1994, professionally engaged in developing and researching the electroacoustic parts which are mainly loudspeaker,cellphone speaker, receiver.and buzzer. With a group of domestic topping project technicians who specialize in the fields of electroacoustics, electron, accurate mould, automatic machinery and high polymer materials, our company has its outstanding advantages.

Our company locates in the No.163-4 Dongfang East Road, Economic Development Zone, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China and covers the total areas of workshops 10000 square meters. Our annual production capacity is more than 50million parts. The products are exported to overseas, such as America, S.Korea, Germany, India, Japan and Hong Kong, etc. We set up precision mould workshop, product test center, part mould plastics hardware workshop and assembly workshop. There have more than 20 assembly lines, 50 computer swept test meters, high-low temperature environment experimentation equipment and test comprehensively for the products.

Our company has gained the assessment certifications of ISO 9001,TS/ISO16949, ISO 14001. The quality and technique of our products are all in the leading position. They are mainly used in the fields(1)communication, cell phone, telephone, etc(2) electrical home appliances, washing machine, air conditioner, microwave oven, small electrical home appliance,etc(3)digital products,GPS,MP3,digital camera,computer,automatic equipment.(4)automobile control panel.

We make an orientation in the cooperation with multinational companies and domestic main brands. Main customers are: Germany Siemens, Japan Panasonic, Hitachi, Toshiba, S.Korea LG, Chunlan, Little Swan, Haier, and Shanghai Volkswagen, etc.

Our company has been strengthening the investment in the product and equipment researching independently to make us get involved in the potential development trades, also the fields in automobile, cell phone and mobile digital products.

We constantly advance the automatization manufacture and improve management level in order to promote our product quality and price advantage under the drastic competition environment of the world business market.

Our management policy:“people oriented, offer the best products and service for our customers. ”We hope we can enter into good business relations with you and prompt our friendship as well.